Rick Straub provides years of experience as a player & coach that will improve YOU as a catcher. He has coached hundreds of players, played in thousands of games, with decades of catching experience... the knowledge that only time & experience can teach.

Thousands of games caught ... over a thousand catcher taught


These Catchers Camps and Clinics are available to achieve your 2023-2024 Season Goals...

- the half hour Evaluation provides feedback on your strengths & weaknesses; includes two complimentary eBooks on catching (over 55 pages); plus a 5-page Workout plan used by college players

One hour focused baseball & softball clinics;
Introduction-  Three Skills (RECEIVING, BLOCKING, THROWING)
An Introductory one-hour clinic with the focus on basic instructions and training (KISS). Instructions for the beginner catcher (softball and baseball) who wants to ably perform, get better... build a foundation to expand, improve and grow.  Each technique is demonstrated, then drills are presented to reinforce each skill...This is where it starts...

A focused one hour per skill -clinic with emphasis on instructions and training. Instruction begins basic, then expands to relate game-like situations. Each technique is demonstrated, then drills are presented to reinforce each of the four skills.

 Three hour comprehensive clinics:
Catchers with demonstrations, Skills & Drills
A comprehensive 3-hour clinic with emphasis on instructions, training and activity. Instruction begins with the BASICS, then ADVANCES based on the group's experience to relate game-like situations. Each technique is demonstrated, then drills are practiced to reinforce each skill.

Coaches with demonstrations & presentations
"Catchers Camp for Coaches" teaches coaches the basics to convey to their catchers; setting a Catching standard for your Baseball Program (from ages 8 to 18); standard terminology, best practices, teaching guidelines.

Four hourly sessions CATCHERS CAMP (à la carte);
RECEIVING - basics & advanced one hour
BLOCKING - basics & advanced one hour
THROWING - basics & advanced one hour
FIELDING - basics & advanced one hour

-  Ongoing individual instruction – $80-100 hourly basis

-  CATCHERS POPTIME CLINIC is designed for 3-4 catchers to work for an hour a week on POP-TIME. The sessions run continuously with the focus on catcher analysis, demonstrations of skills with drills, and each week, one featured section of Advanced Catching Techniques (ACT): 
 - Analyzing RISK versus ACCURACY on throws
 - Ball Transfer (from mitt to throwing hand)
 - Batters & Catchers Interference
 - Throwing with the Seams
 -  RAPID RELEASE (*) method
 - Letting the Throw Travel                                                                          GET  POPTIMIZED

You can attend any -or- all... missing a week is not a sin, although STEALING is (8Th Commandment)!  We will periodically; measure pop-time, promote friendly competition and catcher comparisons.

BATTERY BOOT CAMP (a total of 24+ hours).
These 2-3 hour sessions will physically prepare Pitchers and Catchers for games in the Spring. There is solid training and instruction each day, WITH plenty of physical work.  Pitchers will work with catchers in the Bull Pen; and pitchers and catchers will work out separately.  Bullpens are for catchers too...

(*) Coach Rick Straub promotes his very unique and effective "RAPID RELEASE approach to the catcher's throw to bases.  His methodology allows him to teach any age catcher the successful techniques used by some Major League catchers to produce superb POPTIMEs.

Parents and Coaches are encouraged to attend and record any session.
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Coach STRAUB has published two booklets on Catching:
 - Advanced Catching Techniques (ACT)
 - Catching4Kids – small targets

Available for sale online at:  SmashWords for the eBook version and the Book Patch for the Print version



**Thou Shall Not Steal is the 8TH Commandent from EXODUS 20:15, AND, the book about Bill “Ready” Cash, Published by Love Eagle Books



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